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Celtics Links

Over at Celtics blog Jeff Clark tries to figure out exactly who Tony Brown is. He takes a shot at Shira Springer and does a great job overall. But there is no reference of Beetlejuice to Howard Stern fame.

Over at Loy's Place they are discussing the last 20 years of futility. It's a good read and the pictures are phenomenal. The Eric Montross poster gave me goosebumps for all the wrong reasons. Not entirely sure if anyone will understand what I meant by that last sentence.

The guys at Red's Army made a splash a little while back with their rendition of the Carnival of the NBA. Check out their site for the best photoshopping around. If only I had progressed passed Microsoft Paint.

Head over to NBA Glue where the NBA playoffs are front and center. I've been watching but in a far more detached way.

Can Danny takes yet another look at Big Al but decides to focus on the economics of the whole situation. No mention of me losing it if Jefferson is not extended. But that is a given.

I Heart does a clever Usual Suspects style photoshop and looks at recent mischief NBA players have created. reminds everyone that there was a reason behind the Mark Blount trade.

Celtics 24/7 came up with a poll that I found very enjoyable. I'm easy.

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