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Daily Links 4/26

Herald  Acquitted Allen vows to be more careful
Growth chart for young Celtics
Globe   Telfair never belonged, but Danny thinks he is redeemable
ESPN   Carlisle won't return as Pacers coach
MVN Celtics 17  Who is the what?
Star Tribune   McHale to stay in Minny but with less power, owners to have more say
NY Daily News  Telfair may be all out of 2nd chances 
SouthCoast Today   Celtics do the right thing in cutting ties to Telfair
The Bostonist  Boston blotter:  Once a jailblazer...
My Fox   Ricky Davis' chef stabbed with his own knife outside Ricky's apartment
Hoopsvibe   Celtics were too quick to judge Telfair
Celtics Bandwagon   ABC's of the Celtics season N-Z
Stop Mike Lupica  Knicks should add Telfair and Artest this off season
Taking It To the Rack   Thanks to Wyc for planning a bouncing of Bassy
Boston Sports Review   Take a seat:  Celtics report card  '07
The Villanovan   Wildcat alums establish themselves in the NBA
Loy's Place   Twenty years of futility - Will it end here? 

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