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Head over to and check out the 60 Greatest Playoff Moments. I love it for the music alone. And it has Bird's steal, Jordan's hand switching lay up, West's heave, and so on. But there are some random moments as well.

  • From moments 51-60: Rik Smits' game winner against the Magic in 1995. It has a younger Larry Brown diagramming a play, Penny hitting the shot that appeared to be the game winner, and the Dunking Dutchman celebrating in a goofy way, which had to happen.
  • Also from moments 51-60: Sean Elliot's killer 3 against Portland from 1999. It's a nice reminder of how tragic those Trailblazers teams were.
  • From moments 41-50: 2 words - Picket fence.
  • From moments 31-40: The Celtics and Lakers going to a 4th OT back in 1984. It has Robert Parish making a great steal. Also look for M.L. Carr stealing a pass, dunking, and then celebrating like an ass. And randomly the guy pictured below. I'll leave you with him and encourage you to check it out.

If your life depended on guessing which year this picture was taken you would feel pretty good about guessing somewhere in the mid 80s.

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