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Kick him while he's down

In case you missed it Bob Ryan came out swinging against Sebastian Telfair. He knocks his game:

"He's an undersized point guard. He's a (to be polite) marginal shooter. He can't guard."

Then Ryan argues that while the Celtics are taking a hard stance against Telfair's recent troubles, it is all about the point guard's game, or lack thereof:

"Let's get serious: Telfair's off-court escapades, aggravating and embarrassing as they may be, were not deviant enough by the general rules of modern athletic behavior to merit his banishment if he had been remotely useful as a basketball player.

Telfair will be dumped because he has been deemed expendable. He contributed nothing to the team, and the Celtics obviously believed that wasn't going to change."

Finally Ryan takes a dig at Telfair's career in general:

"Telfair went from starter to backup, to backup's backup, to occasional DNP. It was the second year in a row he had fallen to third guard on a team with the second-worst record in the league. It's not an elegant résumé."

I don't necessarily disagree with Ryan's piece. But, and I'm including myself in this as well, enough is enough. I'm not sure I can take an off season of everyone piling on stories in this manner. Although that is the nature of the beast when 2 newspapers and 20 blogs devote time to one team. So I'm looking to do some more book reviews, pursue my NBA Jam articles (July), and try to stay as fresh as possible. We'll see. Two final points. Ryan calls Telfair "Bassie". It's "Bassy" right? Also Ryan criticizes the trade that brought Telfair to town. I thought Ryan had Ainge's back.  

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