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Over at Celtics Blog they were all over some disturbing Al Jefferson news. It does not appear to be too serious. Neither was Paul Pierce's foot at first. Or Nomar's wrist. Okay now I've gotten that hysterical overreaction out of the way. Peter F. Stringer reports that Al Jefferson has thought about shutting it down,

"You've got to think about things like that, but also I want to play. I want to get better, take advantage of these games and get better as a team, but I don't want to go out there hurt and risk further injury."

Couple of thoughts:

  • Read the comments at Celtics Blog. Do you believe the injury is legit? Never crossed my mind, which only means I am not devious. But it does make you think.
  • The C's only have 8 guys who can practice right now.

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