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Early Remains of the Day

First off, aQua informed us that Master Po is still in a good deal of pain from his injury, but that he is in good spirit and is scheduled for an MRI today. We'll try to keep everyone updated as to his status and news comes in.

FLcelebrate.jpgIn more positive news, in lieu of Jeff's vacation, we've seen a most wonderful effort on the parts of CelticsBlog friends and affiliates this week in effort to help us fill the void of his absence. The result is that we have a number of excellent features coming your way from a diverse group of sports writers, the most of whom, I'm sure you all will recognize. We look forward to sharing their work with you and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. It is an interesting period for us. I guess you could say that this week CelticsBlog will almost resemble an online newspaper or magazine more than a blog.

Say, "mental molasses" ten times as fast as you can. I had an absolutely brilliant idea late last night. I thought, "Since we have no Monday game and there will be little going on in the NBA, why not devote all day Monday to coverage of the NCAA Championship Game. Of course, it was already Monday and the game was over. If my leg wasn't so stiff, I would kick my own butt for dropping THAT ball. Sigh. "Mental molasses, mental molasses, minmulasses, minilumasses..."

As it is, all I have is an offering of congratulations from the CelticsBlog community to the Florida Gators, Head Coach Billy Donovan and the University of Florida. I would also extend those congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes and their fine coach Thad Matta. You folks can hold your heads high. "Menanlasses,mentalasses, menwithlilasses..."

Moving some point today you will notice some changes being made to the way our forums are arranged. The changes won't be very dramatic, but I will be making some room for an exciting new forum there. There will be more on this later.

Lastly on a personal note, I would like to apologize to all of you who've gotten in touch with me that I've not yet gotten back with yet. I've been absolutely swamped with email, personal messages and forum inquiries in recent days. I promise to get back with you, it will just take me a little time to do so. I'm sure you all understand.

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