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Welcome to CelticsBlog International!

We are pleased to announce that today we have launched a new forums category titled "The International Zone" in the CelticsBlog discussion boards. The area will allow us to expand our outreach to the international community of basketball fans worldwide. We have moved our recently introduced International Basketball board there. That's just the beginning though.

Can you say, " Celebre a los Celtas!" We are proud of a second, new forum in the IZ just added today, the Foros Españoles, for our Spanish-speaking family that we hope will be the home of many great discussions. The title of the new Spanish area is rendered in the plural. This is because we will most likely add "child boards" there that in some ways will mirror what we've done with our English language boards.

We also could not possibly be more happy to tell you that two of our own, wonderful Latino members, Edgar and Requila will be assisting us as Global Moderators in the new Spanish area. Edgar and Rey have been members in good standing with CelticsBlog for quite a while. Both are bright, multi-lingual and have demonstrated their gifts for working with and winning the hearts of others. This new endeavor could not have been possible without them. We believe they will prove to be terrific assets to both our Spanish language community and our CelticsBlog staff as well.

For our Spanish-speaking friends I will say, ¡Bienvenido a CelticsBlog! Deseamos para vosotros mismos los goce estar con nosotros.

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