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Sweet, Sweet Silence

SilenceHear that? That is the sound of no headlines. No courtroom dramas. No police blotters. No emails from owners. Nothing. It has been 6 whole days since the last headline and in this case no news is good news.

Teams aren’t talking trades, we can’t sign free agents, there are no summer league games going on, and of course we don’t know where we’ll be picking in the draft. About the only thing going on in the NBA (you know, other than that whole “playoffs” thing I keep hearing about) is the coaching carousel. It sounds like we’ll take at least one more trip around the merry-go-round riding the Doc horsey. It is possible that the team will make a move to extend Doc’s contract this month, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see those talks move along tortoise-like until the draft lottery gives everyone a firm grip on the future.

Between now and May 22nd, there are very few good things that can happen and lots of bad things that could theoretically happen. Here’s hoping nothing happens and I have to struggle each day to come up with something to write about. Here’s hoping I start writing absolute nonsense involving Lucky, Gino, and Delonte’s wiah-hangah. Bring on the doldrums of the summer; I’m ready for it.

Adding to the anonymity are the other newsmakers in town. Boston is always going to be dominated by talk of the Red Sox, especially in the summer. The Yanks have been throttled and look down, but it is still April and it is a long season with plenty of storylines chewed up and digested every day.

This weekend the Patriots decided to get in on the act as well. The news story of the next month (or year) is the trade for Randy Moss. Will it work out? Will he behave? Is the locker room that solved Corey Dillon up to the task of breaking Randy Moss? Even if he behaves, does he still have it? Will he be the final piece of a Championship push? Does this mean Belichick wants to win one more and ride off into the sunset in his gray hoodie? Stay tuned!

So that leaves the Celtics pushed down the sports page somewhere between LPGA scores and the Bruins. Which is perfectly fine with me.

There will be plenty of time to obsess over the draft in June. There will be ample opportunity to critique or second-guess the team’s actions in July. Hopefully by August we’ll be so giddy with our new toys that we’ll just sit around in a daze dreaming of what the lineups will look like. Or perhaps we’ll be grabbing pitchforks and pounding on the doors of the Garden demanding the heads of everyone involved. Who knows? One thing that seems to be clear is that this summer will not be boring. Except of course the next couple of weeks.

This is the proverbial calm before the storm. It is the quick intake of breath before storming the field. This is the click-clack in an Under Armour commercial. Like Simon and Garfunkel, this is the sound of silence, and it is beautiful.

Enjoy it. Because everything is going to go boku crazy on May 22nd.

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