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Odds and Ends - April 4th

pat_summit.jpgCongratulations to University of Tennessee Head Coach Pat Summit and her Lady Volunteers! The winningest coach in the history of college basketball has just won her 7th NCAA National Championship . Summit, Wooden, Auerbach...that's rarefied air!

CelticsBlog notes:

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  • For Newbies--The little widgets in the upper right corner of all CB pages allow you to change the size of text and width of the page layout on CelticsBlog. The default layout width is fixed and fairly standard for blogs. I prefer the "fluid width". It allows the site's layout to expand or contract depending upon the width of your browser window. If the site layout seems congested to you, you might consider clicking the fluid width button.
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  • For all members--If you are a member of CelticsBlog and have not read our posting rules for this website, please do so. Yes, I know it is a long post, but reading and abiding by those are requirements of membership here.
  • For all members--I would like to acknowledge and apologize for the loss of service that we experienced yesterday here at CB. It was the result of yet another catastrophic failure on the part of the server that CelticsBlog resides on. This website did not cause the problem. The server was misconfigured. That created as situation that resulted in a chain reaction of failures server-wide. Hopefully by Draft Day, we will have put such issues behind us.
  • For all members--Jeff will be returning on April 9th. I don't know if he'll have any opportunity to get over that day, much less whether he'll be able to post much, but my guess would be that one of the first things he will do on his return is check in here. Given that, I was wondering if we might put together a surprise, "Welcome Home" party for him. Think about it. We welcome your suggestions.

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