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Both the Globe and the Herald have team updates posted.   First of all, Pierce will be out through the weekend games.  Pierce had an MRI taking on his elbow but the results haven't been released as yet.  Dr McKeon has decreed that Pierce shouldn't play tonight, Friday against Miami, or in Indiana on Saturday.  He had originally hoped to come back for the Miami game. 

Al Jefferson will also be out tonight as he didn't make the trip to Milwaukee with the team.  Ainge said that they are taking it day by day with Jefferson.  He also said that Al is hungry to play but that he was walking with a little limp yesterday and that it isn't worth it to risk further injury.   Doc said that Al will undergo some tests on his knee in the next day or two before they make any decisions one way or the other.

Kevin Pinkney arrived in Milwaukee last night around 11 pm.  He was present for the Celtics shootaround this morning.  He had to sit out the first part of the shootaround waiting for league approval for his signing.  Since the Celtics already have 15 players under contract, the team needed special permission to add a 16th player.   Pinkney will wear number 51 for the Celtics.  Ainge said that they have been following Kevin's progress.  It will be interesting to see if he is asked to play on our summer league team as well. 

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