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Celtics at Bucks 8:00 PM

Milwaukee Bucks The Celtics will be taking on the Milwaukee Bucks tonight at the Bradley Center. Game time is 8:00 PM Eastern Time and the game will be televised on NBA LP Channel 5 (DTV 755) and FSN.

Celtics will be playing with 9 players including newly signed Kevin Pinkney of the Bakersfield D-League Team. Starting lineup for the Celtics is projected as Rondo, West, Green, Gomes and Perk. Michael Red returned to the starting lineup for the Bucks last night scoring 27 points in a losing effort. The Bucks projected starting line up includes Williams, Redd, Bell, Ilyasova, and Skinner. With all the players that are sitting out and the way the Bucks have been playing lately, this game could be very ugly all the way around. With the Bucks just 2 games behind us for the 2nd worst record, it is also an important game for lottery positioning for both teams.

Game Thread

UPDATE   On Celtics Tonight, they just said that the Bucks are shutting down Redd, Williams and Skinner tonight.  These are 3 starters from their last game.  Redd had said that he wants to play but he is being held out for something or other.   And it gets uglier and uglier.   The Bucks are clearly better at tanking than we are...

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