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Po’s New MasterCard Commercial

master_po.jpgScene #1

An old man in a hospital gown slowly pushing his walker down a lonely hospital hallway.

master_ainge.jpgScene #2

Danny Ainge sitting behind a desk in the Celtic front offices hurriedly typing out an offer letter.

Scene # 3

A voice reads the words below as they are flashed out on the TV screen...

"………….Reading Glasses, Digital Hearing aids and the latest attachments to your walker - $2,950."

"……………An MRI, numerous spinal injections, and eventual back surgery - $24,000."

"Being old, broken down, and just plain worthless enough to receive the 2007-2008 Mid Level Exception (MLE) offer from Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics ………………………….Priceless!"

Thanks to each of you for your well wishes. While I was a bit embarrassed to see my medical condition being headlined on the blog, it did feel very good to read all the comments wishing me well. They did make me feel better - thank you. I am hoping some spinal injections today ease the pain and prevent back surgery. Until then I need to focus on the positive - like tanking and yet never getting a smell of the number one pick.

"Is not the spider also trapped in its own web? Which is truly the prisoner? The fly, which moving freely enters unknown danger? Or the spider, which having spun its web, remains, never knowing the pleasure or the danger of the fly?" - Master Po

Peace and thanks again!

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