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Sixteen Signs that You are a Celtaholic

p1_red_getty.jpg We recently came across some very disturbing information about our fellow CelticsBloggers at the excellent site If you're not familiar with, it draws together information from all of the various blogs covering the NBA, and also ranks blogs by the number of weekly posts and the "influence" (a measure of other sites that link to a blog) exerted by each blog.

The Celtics have the largest number of dedicated blogs of any NBA team (15). The Pistons are second with eleven blogs - no other team is even close. The Celtics blogs together account for 109 main blog posts a week, more than double the Pistons' post count (and we won't even get into how disquieting this is, given the relative success of the two teams in recent years). CelticsBlog is, of course, the number one Celtics site, averaging 28 main posts a week (we believe Jeff must have an evil twin), and has three times more influence than the second ranked Celtics site. In fact, only three blogs in all of NBA-dom beat out our beloved CelticsBlog in terms of influence (True Hoop, The Fanhouse and HoopsAddict for those of you keeping score at home).

All of this spurred a realization: you people are addicts! Therefore, as a public service to the CelticsBlog community, we offer the following sixteen signs that your love for the Celtics has perhaps gotten the better of you:

auerbach_fan.jpg 1) You TIVOed Friday night's Celtics-Sixers game and actually watched it.

2) You understand 38.9% of what Bob Cousy is saying.

3) You've scouted players and formed an opinion of who the Celtics should take in the second round…of the 2011 draft.

4) At 4pm, when your boss asks what you've been working on today, you have trouble coming up with a cover story that doesn't include the phrase "Rondo's jump shot."

5) You're still annoyed that the Cs cut Kevin Pittsnogle.

6) Instead of admitting to your wife that you are on CelticsBlog again, you tell her you are surfing porn.

7) Your screen name is Roy Hobbs.

doc_swing.jpg 8) Instead of a sticker chart, you toilet train your child by awarding "Tommy Points."

9) You start threads like "The Official Respect for Doc Rivers Thread" or "Placed in a Coma Until May 22nd" (lottery day).

10) You know who Glenn McDonald is and that he has nothing to do with fast food.

11) You actually go to and try to win a Tommy Heinsohn bobblehead doll.

12) Your "total time spent online" at CelticsBlog can only be measured by carbon dating.

13) You're over 30 and you have more Celtics game jerseys than dress shirts.

14) Just hearing the name "Kobe" induces grand mal seizures.

15) You've made your own green-clad Greg Oden action figure complete with its own private Banner 17 jet.

16) You spend your spare time writing articles for the front page of CelticsBlog.

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