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Game #75 - Celtics vs. Heat Preview

Celtics/Heat Preview:

The Heat:

Shaq - Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley had an interesting conversation last night about double-teaming the Diesel. (Wow that sentence does not sound right). Both agreed that it no longer makes sense, particularly with Dwayne Wade out, as it only opens up shots for Jason Kapono, Antoine Walker, and company. Barkley proposed the old hack a Shaq approach and Kenny argued that teams should let Shaq score 40. I wouldn't put it passed the C's to double team Shaq, create shots for his teammates, and let him score 40.

Jason Williams - I wish I could find his quote about getting thrown out of college for pot being the best thing that ever happened to him, as he became a millionaire. I also wish Chris Herren had his career.

Eddie Jones - I'm pretty sure he makes a cameo in one of the greatest outbursts of all time. Forget the fact that John Chaney is out of line and that he eerily foreshadows this incident. It doesn't get much better than, "You remember that. When I see you I'm going to kick your ass...Kick your ass." Also I can see how John Calipari could get under someone's skin. And there is little doubt in my mind that his UMass program, much like the Memphis program, was shady. In other news it seems like Pat Riley has mind control over other general managers (Jerry West, Danny Ainge, and so on), as they appear to give him players for nothing.

James Posey - I feel as if his stats do not reflect his ability. Can be a nuisance on the defensive end. The jury is still out on him, which is fine except for the fact that he is 30.

Udonis Haslem - One of my favorite non-Celtics. Plays hard and does the dirty work but will put some points on the board as well.

Other players of note:

Gary Payton - He was awesome in Seattle. These past few seasons don't diminish that at all for me.

Antoine Walker - Just when I thought he was done he threw in 20 points last night. I am not sure there is another team in the league that would give him this much time, which sounds odd at first. Think about it.  

Alonzo Mourning - One of the few players left from the original Sega version of NBA Jam. Best back up center in the league. Easily one of the most fascinating players in the league, though in an underrated sort of way at this point. Hopefully Leon Powe does not match up against him. But then again who will?

Jason Kapono - shooter

I have a hard time believing the C's can win this game. Guys like Walker, Posey, and so on probably look at this as a night they can get their stats. Could be ugly.



There have been about 4 or 5 times this times when I have thought, "this ship is sinking." And each time the C's have rallied in some, albeit small at times, way. But now there are not a lot of guys left on the ship. So let's take a look at the state of the C's roster.

Tony Allen - Out for the season

Ryan Gomes - Getting back into the playing shape. The elder statesman right now.

Gerald Green - Driving Celtics fans crazy.

Al Jefferson - Seems to be out for now, but status is a little unclear.

Michael Olowokandi - Out for the season

Kendrick Perkins - Showing some positive signs of what he can bring to the table.

Paul Pierce - Out for the weekend at least.

Kevinn Pinkney - Just happy to move from the Holiday Inn to the 4 Seasons.

Leon Powe - Undersized but scrappy.

Theo Ratliff - Out for the season

Allan Ray - Playing a lot. Not necessarily for the right reasons.

Rajon Rondo - The point guard. Time to learn on the job.

Brian Scalabrine - I have no idea if and when to expect him back. But here is what gets me. People talk up his defense and all the different things he brings to the table. Well why hasn't anyone mentioned him in at least a week? Just saying...

Wally Szczerbiak - Out for the season

Sebastian Telfair - Probably just wants this season to end.

Delonte West - I imagine he is out for at least tonight after leaving the Bucks game with a knee injury.

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