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Antoine Walker and Co Visit the Garden

Miami Heat LogoAntoine Walker is back in town tonight as the Miami Heat play the Celtics at TD Banknorth Garden. Game time is 7:30 ET. The Heat are still without Dwayne Wade but they will have Shaq, who is revving up for their playoff run. And, of course, old friend Antoine Walker is back in Boston, coming off a 20 point, 6 rebound performance in Cleveland last night where the Heat won 94-90. Our best hope for a win tonight is that they will be tired and our young legs can run them into the ground. But even that seems unlikely in that the Celtics will have just 8 players tonight with Delonte West joining Pierce and Jefferson on the bench in street clothes.


Listen To Doc's PreGame Comments


Summary: Doc talks about recent practices, says that Delonte maybe out for the game against the Pacers, mentions changes in preseason that he would like to see to reduce injuries and discusses regular season scheduling, talks about Shaq, about how he feels the team would be in the playoffs barring injury, and what he is looking forward to for next season.

Listen To Doc's PostGame Comments


Summary: Doc gives a lot of credit to Perkins and Powe for their defense, talks about choosing not to take a time-out, and credits the young guys for good execution.

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