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I want to preface this by saying it took me about 3 weeks to figure out how to post a YouTube clip. There is a reason I can't get my Tivo to work. And if it were not for Pradamaster over at Bullets Forever, I would still be in the dark. In conclusion we have learned that html owns me and that Pradamaster can step up in difficult times (Arenas and Butler out) to help others. And now on to the clip:

  • I wanted to post something Celtics related but decided to get everyone pumped up instead.
  • I love the mascot version of Hank, especially when he does the worm.
  • Good to see the crowd take it down a few notches and whisper, "Hank, Hank."
  • Do you think the actor who plays Hank ever sees Topher Grace on TV or in a movie and wonders, "Why not me?"
  • The Friday YouTube clip of the week will make its triumphant return next week.

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