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Bitter, Right, or Both?

Gary Dzen of the Boston Globe's Celtics Blog recently posted Gary Payton and Antoine Walker's feelings about the future of the Celtics in a post titled "Payton: Oden no Savior." Highlights:

Payton made it clear that even if they won the lottery the C's will not improve:

"All [Oden's] going to do is bring fans in here. That's it. That's all they want. We aren't talking about no playoffs here. They're not going to the playoffs. If they're sold out that's good. They want to make their money."

Walker threw his two cents in as well:

"If they get Oden they still ain't going to do [crap], period."

Check out the whole article here.

Thanks to Hoops Hype for the heads up.  

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