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Celtics Looking to Play Spoiler in Indy

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Indiana Pacers Logo The Celtics will be playing with their skeleton crew of the Magnificent Seven and Kevin again tonight (Love that Hank and Petula). The Pacers starting lineup is exactly the same as the one they fielded when we last played them on January 30. In the meantime the Celtics have had twelveteen or more starting lineups and now are down to playing our second string as starters and the 3 remaining third string players coming off the bench.

The Pacers are one game behind the 8th Playoff spot and are fighting to make the playoffs so they will come ready to play. But, the Celtics gave the Heat all they could handle last night and could pull out a win against the Pacers tonight.

Key Matchup:

Gomes vs O'Neal

Gomes has been averaging 18 ppg over his last 3 games and unveiled some very accurate 3 point shooting against the Heat. The key will be whether or not he can handle O'Neal on the defensive end.

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Game Thread

UPDATE: They just announced that Tinsley will not play for Indy tonight.

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