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Game #75 - Celtics vs. Heat Recap

This is the kind of game Doc Rivers loves. The C's overachieved against a superior team that they were not expected to beat. And then they lost in the waning moments. It was a fun game to watch for any number of reasons:

  • Every now and then Tommy says something like this, "People keep saying the Celtics need a point guard. They already have him. Rondo!" Last night was one of those types of games where Rondo gets everyone excited.
  • Leon Powe. He recorded his first double double ever (10 points, 11 boards) and that steal, one man fast break, and dunk sequence was a moment. You wonder if Powe was sending Kevinn Pinkney a message?
  • Speaking of Pinkney. You can tell he loves being in the NBA, which is cool.
  • It's too bad Gerald Green could not find the range from deep (1-6). There was the miss as the seconds final seconds ticked away, but his others were big too.
  • From an effort standpoint, whatever team the C's put on the floor can't be accused of tanking. Now from a standpoint of who dresses...
  • Later today I will post something about one of the more depressing teams in the league - the Indiana Pacers.

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