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Heads up and Trivia

  1. Check out SBN podcast site, which if I am correct will air a new one tonight. It looks like you have an opportunity to be part of the show as well.
  2. Guess who said the following: "Elmer Fudd is hatin. Let me tell you, see this cartoon this is more deep than you think. Cause Elmer Fudd is almost like, what I want to say? He's almost like one of them agents that they plant inside the White House. You know what I'm saying? Cause he throw you off like he stupid. He always like huhuhuhuhu. And you think he a little dumb. But he you see he got that shotgun with him at all times. He laugh hahaha and as soon as you turn around BOOM! But you can not, you can't, you can't kill a G. You can't kill a G. Bugs Bunny is a G. I want to be Bugs Bunny. I would pay to be Bugs Bunny for one day."

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