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Kevinn Who? - Catching Up

I'm working on catching up on news and events of the last 11 days, here are some initial reflections and reactions.
  • Kevinn Pinkney huh? Am I right to assume the predictable "any relation to Ed?" and "what are the two n's for; no-name?" jokes were already used. Welcome to the family Kevinn. You join a long, distinguished line of 10 day'ers like Ruben Wolkowyski and Mark Bryant. If you are lucky, you might even become the next Mikki Moore!
  • Tank, tank, tank. This is all I'm hearing about these days. Has it always been this bad? Last year you heard some talk of it, but the difference between 1 and 4 was not enough to risk embarassment. But was this kind of tanking going on when say LeBron was coming out? I seem to remember Cleveland trying not so hard that year, but they were also pretty bad legitimately. If this trend continues, the league is going to need to look into the whole system. (Celtics17 has some suggestions on how to fix it).
  • Payton and Antoine sure sound bitter don't they? You'd think they'd be a little more cheery after they got their rings.
  • Pierce had his own open, honest remarks in the MacMullen article. Nothing he said was new or different, but it was interesting to hear him say it with that level of frankness.
There's more, but I'm tired and need to sleep some more.

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