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What To Do With Green

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The BSMW Full Court Press blog had a roundtable discussion on a number of Celtics topics.  One subject I found interesting was each person's views on Gerald Green.  Here is a sampling.

Steve: Gerald Green is a tough call. I think Green’s obvious athletic talent gives him the most potential trade value, but then again lots of teams passed on him in the draft and his play his first two years may not have compelled them to change their minds. One can always hope some team gets Stansburys in its eyes after GG took Vegas by storm.

Tim: I like Gerald Green. I think he will be a 20 plus a night guy in this league. Offensively, I think he might even be ahead of Joe Johnson’s developmental curve, and that’s ok. I’m just not sure he brings anything else to the table. He doesn’t rebound, can’t pass, and can’t defend. Whether or not you get one of the top two picks, I would try and move Green this off season. He’s the one guy who could get you a good veteran, either in a package with Theo or with a pick. (Though any trade may have to contain both)

Mike: Gerald Green cannot leave town fast enough for me. I think his development requires a few more years with a team willing to tolerate the steep learning curve he needs to ascend to be an NBA contributor. I am hoping that the Celtics will be losing that tolerance shortly after the lottery results are revealed in three weeks.

Yes, I know this subject has been beaten to death already, but it is one of the key issues of the offseason so get ready for a lot more of it.