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You know, I'm happy that we've got a chance to land one of the top 2 picks in a historic draft. I'm thrilled that we have a shot at one of 2 players that could change our team's fortunes literally overnight. However, I can’t help but feel jealous of the teams participating in what may be the most thrilling playoffs in recent memory (and we’re not even out of the 2nd round!).

NashThink about what we’ve witnessed already.

  • An 8 seed (Nellieball) knocking off a 1 seed (the Dirk face) in 6 games!
  • The defending Champs knocked off in round one
  • Canadian Steve Nash looking like a hockey player
  • Bulls vs. Pistons, just like old times
  • And last night Derek Fisher played the role of the cavalry

It’s just going to get better as the stakes are raised. The Suns vs. Spurs series is like watching the finals early. The winner will have to deal with the Cinderella Warriors or the solid as a rock Jazz. Someone from the East (Detroit probably) is going to emerge. If we’re lucky, we might even see some heroics from LeBron before it is all over with.

And the Celtics are at home watching. We’re on the outside looking in. Our players are on vacation, working on their games, hoping to get back to the playoffs, praying that the guy we draft doesn’t take their spot. Celtics fans are detached and bored and missing out on the full effect of this wonderful postseason.

I’m jealous.

Even when the Celtics were losing in the first round a couple years ago, we learned a lot about our team. We learned that a weird core of Pierce, Walker, Davis, Payton, and LaFrentz was not good enough. We learned that Antoine Walker wasn’t a good long-term fit at all. We learned that Pierce still had some growing up to do (he has for the most part). And we even caught glimpses of how special Al Jefferson was going to be.

This year, all we’re learning is what workout program Ryan Gomes prefers. The draft lottery selection show IS our playoffs. Everything hinges upon that day. Despite what Danny and Wyc try to tell you, it is critical with a capital C. Win that lottery, and doors of opportunity are blasted open. Don’t win it, and we can only look forward to more uphill climbs and perhaps more seasons calculating lottery odds.

May 22 is still a dozen or so days away. So just sit back and try to enjoy the other teams playing in the playoffs.