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Doc Rivers Signs Contract Extension

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Globe reports:

The Celtics signed Doc Rivers to a contract extension today, according to a league source. Terms of the deal were not initially disclosed.

UPDATE: The Herald reports it is a one year extension:

His salary will remain at $5 million, though bothsides reportedly had an option for a second year. The current extension goes ghrough 08-09 season.  

Its official.  Doc Rivers will be the coach of the Boston Celtics next year.

Not sure what else there is to say that hasn’t been said 100 times already.  In way of review, my opinion is simple.  I don’t think I would have extended his contract.  I would have preferred to look elsewhere for a coach, perhaps Rick Adelman.  Regardless, I think if this deal is any longer than a year, it is the wrong move.  I can maybe live with a one-year deal because it gives Wyc more flexibility to let him go if things don’t improve considerably.

However, you can’t help but think things will improve quite a bit, regardless of who's coaching.  With a healthy roster, the team could top 24 wins with me carrying a clipboard on the sidelines.  Never mind how much better the situation will be with a top 2 pick.  So by that logic, Doc might be here for a while longer than you'd expect.

But that’s not what fans want to hear about right now.  All they know is that the coach that was outcoached in the playoffs and led the team to 2 straight lottery seasons as well as the longest losing streak in history, will continue to be the coach of the Boston Celtics.

Bill Simmons can now light himself on fire.  Legions of fans will toss up their hands and swear off the Celtics …at least for another 11 days or so.

This could either be perfect timing on Danny’s part, or the final touches of his own death sentence.  If all goes well in Secaucus, all will be forgiven and forgotten.  If things go poorly, this will be a double whammy for a great majority of fans that have wanted Doc gone for a long time now.

Ever since Blount was traded, Doc has been the scapegoat of this franchise.  By giving Doc an extension, Danny will now take the heat and the blame if things don’t get much better very soon.

Update: Knowing that it is a one year extension makes me feel a lot better.  If all goes well, great.  If not, then ownership can eat the remaining year.