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Fellowship Of The Miserable

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firedocnaingesm.jpgWe've known for a while that Doc Rivers would get an extension.  That's not all that surprising for most.  The story today is the fan reaction to the news when it became official.  Here is just a sampling of the reactions: 

Byrdman said: 
  let me be the first to say:

317 said: 
and the fire doc chants officialy re-start in 3-2-1 FIRE DOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
milloyisgod said: 
  I used to support Ainge but this just baffles me.

jurrasic earl said: 
Ainge and the Celts management stick by Doc like the Bush Administration sticks by its decision to invade Iraq. Stay the course! 
perk said: 
boooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! 

sbloombe said: 
I'm baffled.
TNCeltic said: 
  Sadly, this organization just isn't serious about winning.

halfman/halfoyster said: 
  "Dumb and Dumber".

Brickowski said: 
  They can forget about selling me any tickets in 2007-2008, or 2008-2009 for that matter.

greenkite71 said: 
  If you had to plan -- deliberately -- the destruction of one of the greatest franchises is sports history, would you do anything differently than what Ainge and Wytless are doing now?

JAM said: 
  dear god, no....

wbones1 said: 
  It is official we are now the biggest laughing stocks in sports history.

Big_Easy said: 
  I honestly don't see much reason to follow this team now, top-two pick or not.
scndtony said: 
scndtony said: 
  Hear the cheering from Toronto, New York, New Jersey & Philly??? They know Celtics will continue to be non-contenders with Doc coaching the Celtics. Oh the agony of it all!!!!!!!

Brickowski said: 
  Jeff, any chance of changing this to a Raptors blog? The Celtics have just become irrelevant, sort of like the Atlanta Hawks North.

coco said: 
  I feel like there will be a massive exodus heading towards "The Bill Simmons Refugee Camp"....who's going to turn-out the lights? 

Lunchpail Eddie said: 
Can we get Marty Schottenheimer?!!

MattD said: 
  The only good aspect of this is that Doc will have absolutely no excuse next year.

Brickowski said: 
  Rick Pitino would be an improvement over the Grousbeck-Ainge-Rivers triumvirate. 

ReggieR said: 
  I'm getting a black arm band...the Celtics are dead to me.

WWBJD said: 
  Wow.. Another wasted year.

bceltfan said: 
  Our fate is sealed.

otiredbeacon said: 
Danny and Wyc need a reality check.

tallpaul said: 
  Bad news. Major mis-step.