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About That Extenstion

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It turns out that Doc got another year at his usual rate - $5 million. That's right $5 million. Doc's salary is one those figures I know but always try to erase from my memory. Meanwhile the extension was very important to Doc who said,  

"I needed this to have the freedom to coach."

This is one of Doc's arguments that drives me crazy. Sam Mitchell, who was mentioned in the article, was a "lame duck coach" and that really did not work out. Oh wait it did. It is not like Rivers is the President and there is a term limit. You know what guarantees a contract? WINS!

But I love this part:

"It's like I told the young guys - next year we're not going to be talking about young guys anymore. That's over with. The bottom line is that now it's my job to improve this team."

Wait now it's his job to improve the team. What was he trying to do last season? I believer rather strongly that whenever a person makes $5 million a year he owes it to his employer to do his job regardless if he is guaranteed employment the following year. But that's just me.

And the readers over at Celtics Blog are handling this poorly, as expected.