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If you cross me...

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If Monday is any indication it will be a slow week in Celtics news. Doc has his extension. Danny Ainge is shopping Sebastian Telfair around even though removing his nameplate robbed the team of leverage, and it's still 8 days until the lottery positioning is determined. Long story short you are going to see some YouTube from me this week. I'm dedicating today to Wise LeBron. His poem is phenomenal:

Playa haters
if you cross me
you'll die

That deserves a t-shirt at the very least.

Meanwhile the rest of the week will focus on the Rajon Rondo movie. Never heard of it? That's because I made it. Some serious Eddie Murphy potential here in terms of ruining my blogging career. So that will be fun. I'll start with the trailer tomorrow and then run the rest Wednesday through Friday. Back to Eddie Murphy. As a comedian he should have known better. That's a goldmine right there. But what about Michael Jackson? He deserves even more blame right? That's a terrible song.