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Ainge On Everything

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Scott Souza has an interview with Ainge covering several subjects.  Including this:

Ainge said that almost everyone these days wants to talk to him about Ohio State center Greg Oden and Texas forward Kevin Durant. He claims that until next Tuesday's lottery he won't even watch their films, and reiterated his recent claim that the franchise cannot hang all of its hopes of the bounce of ping-pong balls.

"We can't be focused on getting (this year's) Tim Duncan and everything will fall apart if we don't," he said, referring to the 1997 draft in which the Celtics did not get the top pick after a 15-win season and then took Chauncey Billups and Ron Mercer with picks Nos. 3 and 6. "We have to be focused on making the right choices with whatever choice we have.

I disagree.  If we don't win the lottery, the sky IS falling Chicken Little.