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No, this isn't a LOST plot spoiler.  These are the winning lottery numbers. gave us each of the numbers that could come up to make the Celtics win the lottery on May 22nd.  (thanks Zarren!)

If the basketball gods have any sense of fate and destiny, the numbers that come up will match the retired numbers of several former Celtics:

2 - Arnold 'Red' Auerbach

3 - Dennis Johnson

6 - Bill Russell

14 - Bob Cousy

Sadly the number 15 (Tommy Heinsohn) is not one of the available numbers.  Nor was any number above 14, so that excludes several greats of the past but JoJo White might just come through for us with number 10.  Or maybe franchise founder Walter Brown (1) can lend a hand.  If you go with current numbers, someone might want to get Ryan Gomes (4), Gerald Green (5), Al Jefferson (7), and Rajon Rondo (9) involved, but that combination won't win us the lottery.  Dare I even bring up the number 8?  Play along at home if you like.  (hat tip to Jason for the heads up)