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This Means Everything

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ballsDanny Ainge went on FSN and declared May 22nd to be a "4" on a scale of 1-10 (10 is highest) in terms of importance.

Sean Grande published an article on reminding people that all is not lost if we don't get a top 2 pick.

I respectfully disagree.

Is the team going to implode if we don't get a top 2 pick?  No.  I'm not going to stop being a fan if we don't win either.  What it means, however, is that we're stuck in the same position we were in a year ago.  We'll be in a waiting game, hoping another talented player develops a couple years down the line.

Sure, it could take Durant or Oden a couple years to really fill out and reach their potential, but at least we'll have little doubt that they'll be something special very soon.  Everyone else is as big a gamble as playing the lottery again.

Brandan Wright is inconsistent.  Horford is unpolished.  Jianlian is a complete mystery.  The guys Grande and others bring up as immediate impact guys (Green, Thornton, etc.) are guys that will be going in the 8 to 12 range.  They would be a reach at 3 - 5.

So if we don't want to wait another 2 years (minimum) on this draft, we have to trade the pick and/or some young players for veteran help.  Chances are, that means we'll get 70 cents on the dollar and watch those young players thrive elsewhere.  The veterans you trade for are going to have question marks no matter who they are.  Even if you convince Wyc to pay the luxury tax to land an O'Neal or Gasol, you have to worry about their health.

Can the team recover from losing the lottery and make steady progress?  Sure.  But landing a franchise guy puts us on the right path right now.  He puts the rebuilding process on the fast track.  He gives us hope.

We've suffered through 20 years of bad luck, false hope, and unmet expectations.  This is the chance to turn all that around in one day.  That's why this means everything.