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The Internet is buzzing with talk about the return of Tecmo Bowl. While details are a little hazy the Mighty MJD is completely against it. Check out his argument here. I still love Tecmo Bowl. So maybe I'm like the pro Tecmo Bowl guy MJD describes:

"...and the one guy who does want to play, the unemployed stoner who has played Tecmo Bowl for three hours every day since 1988, will call you a sissy because you're saying this whole thing was a bad idea."

Although I'm not a stoner and I have a job. And I don't count blogging as a job.

But the bigger issue here is that Tecmo Bowl, NBA Jam, NHL 95, etc. are fun to play because they are simple, competitive as hell, and the games are short. That's one fantastic combination. I liken it to Reese's figuring out that chocolate, peanut butter, and soft nougat should join forces. Meanwhile I believe that you can enjoy those games and still appreciate the new Madden or whatever 2007 has to offer. Maybe it's just me. Keep in mind that I am going to devote most of the days in July to an aspect of NBA Jam. Long story short I'm a loser.