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Rajon Rondo Movie: Part 3

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Since I don't envision an early morning tomorrow I'm cheating and throwing up the final installment of the Rajon Rondo movie now. If you are just stumbling upon this I encourage you to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

While I would argue that Part 2 was the strongest, Part 3 has my favorite scene. Let's just say it involves 5 former NBA players, Rajon Rondo, and *Delonte West.

In closing thanks to bloggers who linked to the YouTube clips. I appreciate it. And thanks for stopping by. While you are here you should probably register and be the envy of all your friends by writing a diary. Everyone is doing it.  

*If you are confused by Delonte West's role watch this. That should clear things up nicely. SWAMP THING!