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It started in earnest last week. A bottomless feeling of anxiety. Our collective futures as Celtics fans will be decided in a random conference room in Secaucus, NJ on Tuesday night. Based on the combination of ping pong balls that fall out of a plastic tube, we will might exult in the ability to draft a probable franchise player and all the wonderful hope such a player brings. Or we might despair in another year of what is at best a season of mediocrity, as we slip through another long slough of a NBA season.

Personally, the importance of a ping pong ball on my life is actually astounding to me. But I know I'm not alone (and actually may be holding up better than others). A tour through the forums reveals a handful of threads with personal stories of anxiety :

Day-by-day, as the lottery nears, it gets more nerve racking. Each day, I become more anxious. I am literally losing my mind.
Words cannot express how important this day is to me. I still remember the Tim Duncan nightmare. I cried.....Yes... I admit it. I cried like a sissy. I cannot go through that again. My therapist has told me that I should leave the C's alone but I can't. This is the year we come back,
I can't eat. I can't sleep. I've actually lost 15 pounds the past few months. It's the first thing on my mind when I wake up, and last thing on my mind when I sleep.
I almost hit a parked cop car the other day when I was doing mock draft scenarios in my head while driving on 495.
My grades during finals week tanked more than the Celtics did.

It would appear that some of our fellow Celtic faithful are on the verge of a complete breakdown. I can't say that I blame anyone who feels that way. Losing out on Oden/Durant would be a tremendous psychological blow, in what has already been a year of loss, on and off the court. Unfortunately, there isn't much that we can collectively do until our fate is decided early tuesday night. In the absense of some words that will make us all feel better, the gallery of images below may be useful to you in expressing your own personal anxiety over Tuesday night.