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About That 2nd Rounder

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We don't know where we'll be picking in the first round, but we do know we have a 2nd rounder that will be the 32nd pick overall.  It seems to be a good year to have such a high 2nd rounder.  In fact, the talent we'll be looking at would likely have been 1st rounders in other years.  Take Chad Ford's note for example:

How deep is the draft? Right now, a few "Player of the Year" upper classmen types like Alando Tucker, Aaron Gray, Arron Afflalo, Nick Fazekas, Derrick Byars and Jared Dudley all find themselves in the second round.

Other high 2nd round types may include familiar names like Taurean Green, Daequan Cook, Big Baby Davis, and Pau's less talented but 7 foot brother Marc Gasol.  In addition to Gasol, there are likely going to be some International players that could turn some heads.  Marco Belinelli and Rudy Fernandez have the buzz of late first rounders but may slip. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but the moral of the story is that we should be able to get a real player in the second round.  Someone that might shoot past Ray and Powe on the depth chart by the middle of the year.  This is also where most of us will trust Danny to make a good decision based on his track record.