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Asterisk worthy?

It was a tough year to be a Celtics fan/blogger. We've been over this before but for the sake of review: Red Auerbach died. Dennis Johnson died. The Celtics dancers debuted. Donny Marshall was the color commentator for several games. The Sebastian Telfair experiment failed miserably. Paul Pierce missed significant time. Tony Allen's season ended tragically. Numerous other injuries. And then there was that eighteen game losing streak. Having acknowledged all that, I can think of 4 positive developments/moments.

  1. Al Jefferson
  2. Rajon Rondo
  3. The win at San Antonio
  4. Gerald Green's slam-dunk championship.
Something, beyond the brevity of it, has bothered me about that list for quite some time. And it is none other than Gerald Green's All Star weekend triumph. It is a given that Celtics fans are depressed over the fact that it set off a round of "hey the Celtics won something" jokes. However, it goes deeper than that. I just can't shake the fact that James White was on a NBA roster at the time. Granted he only played 137 minutes during the regular season. And Green did not participate in the contest during his rookie year as he explored the D League and rode the pine in the Association. Perhaps letting White take part would have given the 720-guy hope. But look at the video below. It's not new. Insert lousy pop culture joke here: In fact it has been passed around more times than Paris Hilton. Last I knew Free Darko had it. But James White is ridiculous. Enjoy his sky walking and check out the lingering questions afterwards.

  1. Is there another player more out of place on a roster than James White is in San Antonio? Gregg Popovich doesn't even let his guys throw ally oops.  
  2. Is anyone else surprised by the fact that White will be 25 in October? By comparison Green isn't even 21 yet.
  3. What is White's game like beyond the freakish jumping ability?
  4. Who does White hang out with? It seems like everyone on that roster is old, foreign, or old and foreign? Maybe Jackie Butler?
  5. Speaking of Butler. I thought he was at least 27 or 28. He's 22. Meanwhile, I thought Jacque Vaughn was 50. Allegedly Vaughn is 31. Allegedly.
  6. One more point on Butler. Read this article to learn which former player Popovich compares Butler to. No it's not Oliver Miller. I won't ruin it for you but it will probably surprise you.
In the end I'm fine with it because Green won it fair and square. I like the fact that guys have to get minutes in order to participate. And the asterisk is one of the most annoying sports phenomenons. But it would be cool if White participated next season and Green successfully defended his crown.