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Master PO's To Do List For Danny

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Top 10 Things on Danny Ainge “To Do List” if Ping Pong Balls fall wrong:

10.) Call Bill Russell and say â€" “you available next year for the Lottery â€" that unlucky stinking Tommy blew it!”

9.) Check out available seats on the next flight to China.

8.) Refine spin speech about how deep this draft really is this year.

7.) Send a book to Wyc entitled “Conspiracies in the NBA”

6.) Ask Perk if he has ever seen the movie “The Godfather” and does he know where David Stern lives

5.) Order Doc the complete set of “Coach Better Basketball” DVD’s.

4.) Call Season Ticket Holders and tell them you are personally available for Lawn Mowing and other home projects â€" just call 1-800-Save-Danny

3.) Call Paul Pierce and tell him Antoine Walker may be available and they can shoot all the three’s they want next season.

2.)   Ask Scali if the baby needs him home next season and that you will grant him permission to take as long as he needs to stay home and nurse.

And the number one thing on Danny’s list if the ball bounce wrong!!!!!

1.)   Call Kevin, Larry or John Mellenkamp and ask about the cost of splitting a big bag of weed.