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[UPDATE: I went over to Blazer's Edge and I'm incredibly jealous. In no way am I happy for them. I could take Memphis winning it for some odd reason because I feel like they'd mess it up. But the Blazers? They have a great shot to be legitimately good next year.]

Really? 5th? I feel eerily similar to the way I did when Aaron Boone ended Boston's season back in 2003. At the time I was still in college and I remember walking around aimlessly for a while. I literally never considered the C's picking anywhere lower than 2nd. Power of positive thinking my ass. I mean I even wore the jacket pictured below. I may have to retire that jacket. Back to the ping pong balls. I was not even remotely concerned until I saw Larry Bird, Randy Foye, and Brandon Roy. Did Bird really have to show? And what about Foye and Roy? That was a nice touch considering the way Sebastian Telfair's season went. I watched the proceedings with reader Fly Gerald Fly and he ominously said, "The Blazers have jumped." I wish I could have all the time back I spent reading about Kevin Durant and Greg Oden. There is a reason I refused to spend any significant time blogging about them.

I'm terrified to go over to Celtics Blog.

I'll close with the top 5 reasons this was disappointing:

  1. Having to listen to Danny Ainge talk about this.
  2. Having to listen to Doc Rivers talk about this.
  3. For the next however many years I will have to watch Roy and either Oden or Durant play together. They are all talented and great guys. What could have been...
  4. Tanking. Ugh.
  5. So much was riding on that pick. How will the team recover?