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Tonight's Gameplan

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koolaid2.jpgTonight is the big night and we are making plans.

First of all, we invite everyone to join us in the Chat Room by 8:00 PM for one big, long, bring-your-lucky-charms, online lottery party! (and keep that window open for the whole night)

Then please join us by tuning in to the CelticsStuff Live broadcast starting at 9:00 PM. You'll be able to listen to the show streaming live and continue to chat in same chat room you've been in all night! That's right, we are pleased to announce that CelticsBlog and CelticsStuff Live are combining our efforts to give you the best online Celtics community experience you can get.

For more details, click Read More.

About the Chat Room

Aside from being a great way to spend the evening chatting with C's fans around the globe, it serves a second (more practical) purpose. You should know by now that we've had issues with our servers during periods of high traffic volume. That is an issue we hope to resolve in time for the NBA Draft at the end of June, but haven't yet. It will require switching to a much larger (and more expensive) server that should serve our purpose for the forseeable future.

Anyway, the bonus of sending people to the chat room tonight is that the chat room doesn't crash like the rest of the site. Or to be precise, once you have the chat screen up on your computer, it is done accessing CelticsBlog and it runs off a remotely hosted chat software. Bottom line, if you open the chat window, you should be able to keep it open and stay online even if CelticsBlog crashes. If you want to surf the rest of the site, just make sure you open up a new window to do so. I'll be working the phones tying to make sure we can keep the site operational for the night, but I can't make promises and this is a good solution in my mind.

Hope that works for everyone.

About CelticsStuff Live

We've had a great relationship with CelticsStuff Live for over a year and we've enjoyed watching the show grow.  We've also partnered with them to bring us quotes and interviews from the games.  We figured it was high time to get our act together and run the CelticsStuff Live show from!  The experience will be largely the same, (so you won't have to hear me talk unless I call in) but I think you'll enjoy the experience as we continue to find ways to combine our efforts and work together for bigger and better things.

Thanks again for your support of and lets all wish each other the best of luck tonight.