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Lottery Day Links 5/22

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Herald   Draft lottery has been a Spur in the Celtics side
'97 drawing was a cruel twist of fate
Duncan disaster picked at Pitino     
Globe    Time to put Celtics in their place
Green Room   Ready or not it's lottery day
East Valley Tribune     If ping pong balls cooperate, Suns could have 4th pick
Hoopsworld    Let Oden and Durant choose
ESPN Insider   Oden even better than advertised 
ESPN Page 2    Chronicling the NBA's cinematic moments
CelticsStuff Live   Ping pong ball nirvanna
The fabulous feng shui dragon
Forbes   Oden and Durant are lottery plums
MSNBC    Bad lottery luck can doom a franchise for years
Gadsden Times   Heinsohn high on Celtics but low on chance for top pick    Lottery teams hoping for a 1-2 jackpot of Oden and Durant
Sporting News    Remaking the Celtics history  
Enterprise     Oden or Durant would suit needy Celtics just fine
Seacoast Online   Celtics hope to land top pick in lottery
Hartford Courant    Oden could have a team living large 
Indy Star  No rest for Oden and Conley as they await their destination 
Philly Inquirer    Lottery only part of NBA's troubles 
Sun Journal    Heinsohn looking to hook the number 1 pick 
SouthCoast Today    Predicting the lottery with help from beyond  
Cape Cod Times     Will there be a reward for lost season?