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Do Not Break Glass Except In Case Of Emergency!

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That's, "Do Not Break Glass" as in, the screen of your computer monitor and, "In Case Of Emergency" meaning, in case we get a lousy pick. CelticsBlog or CelticsStuff Live going offline due to high traffic and activity loads is not considered "Emergency", merely awful. However, much like DARPA (the folks who developed what you and I know as the Internet, we've put together survival schemes for the Celtics community. So, depending on how both the servers of CelticsBlog and the servers at CelticsStuff Live handle the sort of traffic loads we are expecting on the two websites, here are your options for enjoying chat, CSL live webcasting and discussion this evening.

For people visiting CelticsBlog

In the event that CelticsBlog goes offline this evening due to server overload and CelticsStuff Live is still online, here are two chat options for CelticsBlog and CelticsStuff Live members...

1. This link provides a means to access CelticsBlog Chat via the Celticstuff Live server and will include an embedded media player for listen to tonight's live CSL Broadcast Room:

2. This link provides access to CSL's fine chat room, The Pit:

For people visiting CelticsStuff Live

In the event that CelticsStuff Live goes offline this evening due to server overload and CelticsBlog is still online, here are two chat options for CelticsBlog and CelticsStuff Live members...

1. This link will provide access to CelticsBlog Chat as CB members normally enjoy it Only a username is needed to enter. No media player is embedded into this page:

2. This link provides access to a standalone version of CelticsBlog Chat that includes a media player embedded in it that will be playing tonight's CSL's live broadcast:

Other Options for Chat and Listening: The Firm of Loy, Shirley and Derron

In the event both sites are offline and all of our chat rooms and embedded media players are inaccessible, some of our fine friends at Loy's are working with us this evening to provide you additional ways you can enjoy this evening's activities.

Blog: Loy's Place -
This is CelticsLoyalist main blog manned by this dear man himself and our own wonderful, FLCeltsFan (who Loy kindly shares with us).

Forums: Celtics Green Forums -
Also a part of Loy's, this is one of the nicest and most intelligent Celtics discussion communities on the net. Interaction will require registration. It is simple and straight forward. You will be posting in no time. If do join and visit with them this evening, be courteous and obey the rules.

Chat: The Box -
This is the chat room for all members of Loy's and the Celtics Green community. If you visit, be courteous and obey the rules.

Just one more thing...

So that's the strategy. In the event one website goes down, two more will be there to replace it. If two go down, there will still be one. If the one goes down, well...then we're talking, "The Day After." However, if in the event that our sites are offline, you should still be able to access tonight's CSL live broadcast via the following link that will open a media player on your computer whereby you will be able to listen to the show.

CSL Live: - mms://
This link will provide direct access to tonight's CelticsStuff Live broadcast. When you click on the link will open the show in a separate program, such as Windows Media Player.

And remember...

Tonight's CelticsStuff Live broadcast begins at: 9:00PM EST
Special Guests will include: Jeff Goodman, Sean Grande, and Patrick Gilroy
Live Call In: (617) 848-1242 | Toll Free: 1-866-751-9649
Jughead will be in The Pit at 8:45PM EST

Weeeeee! Here we go! Everyone have fun!