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Worst Case Scenario

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Wow.  I thought maybe we’d get pushed down to 3 or 4, but I never expected 5.  Don’t even try to cheer me up right now.  I’m inconsolable.  Sure, basketball is not life; I’m not forgetting how blessed I am in so many other ways; but in terms of following the Celtics I can’t (or won’t) think of anything worse happening tonight.

Now we have to consider a lot of questions (some rational, some not):

  • What can we get for the 5th pick?
  • Should we trade Pierce?
  • Will Pierce demand to be traded?
  • Can we trust Ainge to pick us a winner again?
  • Should we just fire Ainge and Doc right now?
  • Were the “tankers” (C’s, Griz, Bucks) punished in a conspiracy or just karma?
  • Can Gerald Green develop into a star?  Will he do so here?
  • Can we sell the Suns on a Marion trade (if they like Noah that much)?  Don't bet on it.
  • Will Yi "drop" to us at 5?