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Knee Jerk Mock Draft

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Here's my knee jerk mock draft:

  1. Portland - Oden
  2. Seattle - Durant
  3. Atlanta - Horford - This is the hardest one to pick.  I think it comes down to Horford or B. Wright.  Or do they go with Conley Jr.?
  4. Memphis - Conley Jr. - They need a point guard.
  5. Boston - Yi Jianlian - I think Danny likes this kid a lot.  I'm skeptical.  Passing on B. Wright or Horford would be tough.

Regardless, we have a lot of time to review and analyze this.  I was wishing that we wouldn't need this, but I would like to take this sad opportunity to introduce everyone to another project I'm working on called  This site is meant to be a Wiki for NBA Draft prospects.  More details will follow.