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The Big Stomach Punch

tommy_heinsohn_lottery400300.jpgWaking up this morning, I don't feel any better.   I feel a little sick in my stomach.   I'm sure Celtics fans all across the world feel the same.

The funny thing is that yesterday I was so very excited.   It was like I was 10 again and it was Christmas morning.   I was giddy.   It hadn't even occurred to me that this could really go this wrong.   I mean, logically, sure, I knew we could miss out on 1 or 2.   But that's not what my heart said.   My heart believed.   I was completely sold.   We weren't just going to get a top 2 pick, we were going to get Oden at number 1.   It was going to happen.

The first hint was the Bucks at 6.    "That doesn't seem right."   My head said.    "Shut up, you're overthinking this" my heart said.   Then he pulled out the Celtics logo and my heart stopped.   Dumbstruck I couldn't even react.   Out of nowhere, my dreams were shot, Christmas was canceled, and my team was doomed to another 10 years of failure.

I thought about it a lot last night and this morning and I've had time to ponder the implications.   You'd think that after that I would have a better perspective.   Sorry.   I don't.   I'm still depressed.

Maybe Danny can still turn things around, but even good GMs need a lot of luck.   Aside from drafting, Danny hasn't proven that he's good.   Doc is still the coach, and I can't say that I'm very excited about that.

We have a pick in a  "deep" draft.   Well who cares how deep it is?   If Oden/Durant are perfect 10's, and there are a bunch of 5's in the draft, that means we still end up with a 5.   So maybe we'll have a decent 2nd round pick.   Yippee.

I don't know what I want the team to do now.   I haven't figured it out.   Part of me wants to fire Danny, trade Pierce, and start over.   Part of me wants to package the pick, Gerald, Theo, and whatever else to get a player to put next to Paul.   All of me wants to sit on the couch and go into a coma until the games start.  It's going to be a long, long offseason.

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