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One Man's Idea: Trade For Marion

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Section F Sports came up with a trade proposal to consider and wrote a long, thought out post about it. Here's the idea:

Phoenix Gives Up: Shawn Marion, Marcus Banks, and the #29 pick

Boston Gives Up: the #5 pick, Theo Ratliff's expiring $12 million contract (in 2008), Delonte West, Kendrick Perkins, and their first round pick in 2008

Here is part of his explanation for Phoenix:

Maybe Phoenix can get better player for Marion, but it is hard to see them gaining more depth, youth, and financial flexibility. The #5 pick could net them a very exciting young big man, as mentioned above. I happen to believe that Wright and Horford are going to be sweet NBA players and remember, those guys (or Yi or Noah or whoever) presented a very exciting "best case scenario" about 12 hours ago for Phoenix. The Suns also get their precious luxury tax relief 12 months from now.

I know we've seen this movie in regards to Banks, but here's his thoughts on that:

As for Boston, they would have to bring Marcus Banks back, but that is required to make the deals work. But the Celtics would gain a star in Marion that would help them win right now and allow them to roll out a pretty nice starting lineup of Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Ryan Gomes, Shawn Marion, and Al Jefferson.

There's more, but you can click the link above to get his full article.

This is the part where you pick apart the proposal from 100 different angles and critique the writer and offer your own ideas. Let 'er rip.