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Herald    Celts and Grizzlies bear lottery brunt
Doc:  winning is the answer to the lotto loss
High fives and forgettable fives
Globe     Hibbert stays, Hill goes, Vincent to coach Cats, Oden & Durant on USA team
Prognosis negative
Celtics can't curse their lot over fall, good video interview with Big Al
Loy's Place    I read the news today, oh boy!
Around the mock drafts   Behind the scenes of a legendary lottery
Charlotte hires Vincent as coach
Journal Times   Everything could be all Wright for the Bucks
NPR   A new curse in Boston
AHN    Celtics and Grizzlies search for answers
ESPN Page 2   Simmons:  Welcome to the next decade of discontent
SouthCoast Today    A fitting end to a ghastly campaign
Bleacher Report    What the Celtics could have done with the number 2 pick
Patriot Ledger   Celtics must make a move, may trade pick   
Celtics plight deflates supporters
Dime Mag   Lottery night for Celtics fans
Dowbridge BN    Beware the sports gods' wrath
The Daily News   Celtics punished for past greatness
Hoopsworld    What the lottery results mean to Boston
Miami Herald   Riley joins lottery critics - Karma gets tankers
Philly Inquirer   Tanking is lacking as a lottery strategy
Commercial Appeal    News has Gasol groaning
Worcester Telegram    Celtics need to stir up trade winds
Lowell Sun    All the losing wasn't worth it
Sun Journal    How the Celtics can bounce back from lottery envy
Inside the Bay Area   Western conference gets even deeper in the lottery
Daily News Tribune    The shame of the Celtics