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fishinAs I’ve mentioned before, there are going to be a lot of “sellers” of big name players on the trade market this offseason. Indiana, Minnesota, Memphis, New Jersey, Sacramento, and maybe even the Suns or Mavericks to name a few. There will be other teams “buying” like the Lakers and there will be a couple teams with cap space to spend like the Magic and Bobcats. Celtics will be one of those teams casting the fishing line into the water to see if anything bites at our bait.

It’s not bad bait either. Teams that are looking to sell almost always want cap flexibility. The Bassy/Theo trade was regrettable, but it may have value yet. They do represent $13M in expiring contracts together. Wally is a harder sell with two years left, but he also can play, …well, occasionally.

In addition, teams looking to blow things up and deal a vet are likely going to want young, talented players and draft picks in return. We’ve certainly got those to spare. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Ainge considers Jefferson as close to untouchable as you can get. I’d wager a guess that Rondo isn’t far behind that status. So take those two off the shelf and teams can have their pick of the rest of the litter to go along with that #5 pick.

Some Assembly Required: Gerald Green

He hasn’t turned the corner yet, but coming up on his third season out of prep school, he’s already made a lot of progress. Is he the next McGrady? My Magic 8 Ball says “Don’t count on it.” However, can he be a very good wing player in this league? His jumpshot and hops say “It is decidedly so.” I’d like to hang onto him if only for the novelty of his game, but I think he’ll be shopped hard because of that same untapped potential that GMs are looking for in the draft.

Accessories: Delonte West, Ryan Gomes, Kendrick Perkins

These guys aren’t the kind of players that you build around, per se. But the do fill out a roster very nicely. In other words, they aren’t the suit so much as they are the tie, watch, shoes, etc. They complete the picture. Plus, they are young and have plenty of miles left ahead of them (yes, I’m trying to shatter the record for number of clichéd analogies in a blog post â€" work with me here).

As Is: Tony Allen, Allan Ray, Leon Powe, Brian Scalabrine

Tony showed some great poise and finally put it together for a handful of games last year. Then it all literally crumpled to the ground in a heap. Nobody knows if and when he’ll be able to make it back to “full speed” again and if that speed will include the same explosiveness he’s had in the past. But it is nice to have a guy capable of playing lock-down D. So you never know. Ray and Powe have a future in the league as specialists (shooter, rebounder). They are the very definition of the term “throw in’s.” Scal is Scal. What else needs to be said?

If there is one, small silver lining with the way things turned out for Danny, it is that the fanbase is ready to deal. In the past, he sounded like he was very hesitant to deal away players for fear of repeating the mistakes of prior regimes that gave up on Chauncey Billups (even though he was tossed around for a while after we traded him) and Joe Johnson. That’s not to say he wouldn’t pull the trigger based on public opinion. Still, I have to say that I consider Wyc to be a very influential fan himself.

We have all grown to love the guys mentioned above and we’d hate to see any of them move on to better things elsewhere. On the other hand, at this point we are resolved to dealing them and getting back something a little more ready to deliver here and now.

So what can we get for these pieces of bait? You can be sure we’ll be looking into that question in great detail for the next month and perhaps longer.