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Put Your Name In Lights!

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Attention small to medium sized business owners and future Mark Cubans of the world.  We’re looking for a lead sponsor for the NBA Draft show that CelticsStuff Live will be broadcasting on June 28th.  The lead sponsor gets lots of fun goodies.

  • Naming rights.  “Welcome to the Your-Name-Here NBA Draft Show”  Your company name will be used continually during the show and featured throughout the month on CelticsBlog (with a link to your website each time).
  • A 30 second ad at every commercial break.
  • Tons of traffic and name recognition.

Draft night is always the biggest night of the year on CelticsBlog and this year will be no exception.  We’ll probably set new records for traffic volume that night, especially as trade rumors and general draft pick excitement builds.  The show will also feature some special guests and maybe even some giveaways.  Should be a lot of fun for everyone.

To inquire about the price, please send an email to me at celticsblog(at)