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Celtics Links - 5/26/07

Welcome to a new feature here at Green Bandwagon. Starting today FLCeltsFan of Loy's Place will be providing Celtics and NBA related links. Enjoy. And thank you FLCeltsFan.


Ex-Celtic Vincent hired as Bobcats' coach.


Bad moves not bad luck, a gallery of Celtics'mistakes.

Draft Express

Rondo and Ray working out in NY with Basketball Results.


Draft was an ill wind for the Celtics.

Bleacher Report

Celtics say good bye to Oden and hello to karma.

Comings and goings.

Loy's Place

The rumor mill: Garnett in Green.

Celtics assistants part 7: Mike Crotty.

Can Danny

Spitballing 2: Dump Wally, enter the Matrix.

The year of not bashing Chad Ford is over.

CelticsStuff Live

What is a #5 pick worth?

Yay Sports

The Celtics are not cursed .