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Celtics Links - 5/27/07

As always thanks to FLCeltsFan of Loy's Place for providing the daily links.

Portland GM is an ex-Celtic, lottery reform may be on the way.

Gerald Green is grand Marshall of Hot Dog Safari.

Basketball notes from Peter May.

Celtics Blog
Talking Summer League.

Loy's Place

Celtics Assistants Part 8: Ed Lacerte.

CelticsStuff Live
Show tonight with NBA agent Noah Croom.

MetroWest Daily
Celtics plan on playoffs next season.

Celtics 24/7
Beyond Oden and Durant: Al Horford.

ESPN Insider
Jay Bilas on Noah, Brewer, Horford, J and B Wright, and Durant.

Rusillo says Celtics take Brewer.

Post lottery interviews.

Sun Sentinel
Three teams accused of tanking come up empty in the lottery.

NY Daily News
No chance of a lottery conspiracy.

Gorilla Crouch
Schadenfreude for the sports dude.

Canon City Daily Record
Celtics admitted to tanking?