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Walter's Plan

I took some time to watch the Big Lebowski today. And the part about the ringer, particularly Walter's plan, got me thinking about Danny Ainge. Ainge planned to assemble as much young talent as possible and then make a trade or two to build a winner. Similarly Walter intended to beat a confession out of one of the kidnappers. Needless to say neither plan worked. And since the Celtics missed out on a top 2 pick it may be time for Ainge to jump from a moving car with an uzi. That's right an uzi. You didn't think he was rolling out naked did you? Enjoy Lebowski:  

"Yeah. So as long as we get her back, nobody's in a position to complain. And we keep the baksheesh." - Walter

"Terrific, Walter. But you haven't told me how we get her back. Where is she?" - The Dude

"That's the simple part, Dude. When we make the handoff, I grab one of them and beat it out of him...Huh?" - Walter

"Yeah. That's a great plan, Walter. That's fucking ingenious, if I understand it correctly.  That's a Swiss fucking watch."

"Thaaat's right, Dude. The beauty of this is its simplicity. If the plan gets too complex something always goes wrong.  If there's one thing I learned in Nam--" - Walter